LOCCI, Augustyn
(b. 1640, Warszawa, d. 1732, Warszawa)


Polish architect of Italian origin. He was an amateur architect and King Jan Sobieski's secretary and artistic adviser. He received primary education from his father - a royal architect of the house of Vasa - and then was trained by the architect Giovanni Battista Ghisleni (1600-1672). Further knowledge was supplemented by a stay in Rome (about 1680) and direct contacts at the Sobieski court with the leading architect Tylman van Gameren and other royal artists.

Augustyn worked primarily for Jan III, building the residence in Wilanów in 1677-1696 for which he created the fundamental architectural plans, provided construction solutions and arranged the decoration programmes for the interiors and palace façades. Furthermore, Augustyn supervised painters, sculptors, stucco masters and all sorts of artisans.