MACCARUZZI, Bernardino
(b. ca. 1728, Venezia, d. 1800, Venezia)


Bernardino Maccaruzzi (also Barnardo Maccarucci), Italian architect. He was a pupil of Giorgio Massari, but most of his work in the declining Republic was merely in reconstructions and restorations. He helped build the façade of the church of San Rocco (1765-71) and of the Scuola della Carità (1766, design by Massari, now the Gallerie dell'Accademia of Venice); he worked in the Palazzo del Ridotto (1768) and one of the banquet rooms in the Palazzo Ducale. In Mestre, he designed the construction of the Chiesa Collegiata. In Padua, he helped build the Palazzo del Capitanio (1779).

In 1776 he designed the wooden structures and booths which were put up on the Piazza San Marco for the "Festa della Senza". The elliptical buildings were erected annually until the end of the Republic for the seven-day carnival held on the occasion of the Feast of the Assumption.