(b. 1571, Haarlem, d. 1631, Haarlem)


Dutch engraver, draughtsman and painter. He was the stepson and pupil of painter and draftsman Hendrik Goltzius, and brother-in-law to engraver Simon de Poelenborch, having married his sister, Marijtgen. When the pre-eminent engraver Hendrick Goltzius married Matham's mother in 1579, he took Jacob on as an apprentice. Matham worked more closely with Goltzius than others of his circle, engraving many of the master's drawings and paintings and closely imitating his teacher's manner. Despite Matham's prolific output, his artistic personality does not emerge clearly, and the oeuvres of both engravers contain unsigned works.

Jacob Matham made several engravings after the paintings of Peter Paul Rubens from 1611-1615, and also a series after the work of Pieter Aertsen. In 1613, engraver Jan van de Velde was apprenticed to him. He was the father of Jan, Theodor and Adriaen Matham.