(b. 1475, Caprese, d. 1564, Roma)

Michelangelo's Poetry

Michelangelo was eminent as a poet, and his sonnets would place him in the foremost rank of the lyrical poets of his age. No painter has infused poetry into his productions in so definite a way and of so high an order. Yet the magnificence of his achievements as a visual artist often overshadow his devotion to poetry. Michelangelo used poetry to express what was too personal to display in sculpture or painting.

There have been a number of English translations of Michelangelo's poetry. John Addington Symonds translated the sonnets in the nineteenth century, and Elizabeth Jennings, a distinguished English poet, translated them in 1970. A complete translation of the poetry by Joseph Tusiani appeared in 1960. English translations of Michelangelo's sonnets can be found as part of the Gutenberg Project.

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