(b. ca. 1418, Fiesole, d. ca. 1458, Fiesole)


Michele di Giovanni da Fiesole, called Il Greco (the Greek), also known as Michele di Giovanni di Bartolo, was an Italian sculptor and architect. He was trained in Florence in the school of Michelozzo and Bernardo Rossellino. Around the year 1440 he made the inlaid wooden cabinets in the sacristy of the Basilica of Santa Croce in Florence.

In 1454 he moved to Urbino, where he participated in the implementation of the portal of the church of San Domenico, he completed the work begun by Maso di Bartolomeo. In Urbino he executed part of the sculptural decoration of the Palazzetto della Iole, which takes its name from the mythological figure of Iole, a lover of Hercules, whose figure he carved on the fireplace in the Sala della Iole.