OBBERGEN, Anthonis van
(b. 1543, Mechelen, d. 1611, Gdańsk)


Anthonis van Obbergen (also Antonis van Augbergh), Flemish architect and fortifications engineer. After studying masonry in Mechelen and completing a tour to study fortification work in Germany, he initially gained experience working on the fortifications of Antwerp (1567-71).

Introduced to the Danish King Frederick II, he completed his royal palace of Kronborg in Helsingør. In 1586, van Obbergen moved to Poland, to Gdańsk where he brought a Flemish flavour to the city's architecture. In particular, he designed together with Jan Strakowski and Abraham van den Blocke (1572-1628) the Old Arsenal, one of the great buildings in the Flemish Renaissance style (1601-09) as well as the Old City Hall (1587-95) which displays the classic features of high quality Mannerist Flemish architecture.

Other achievements include a number of fine houses in Gdańsk which he designed together with Jan Strakowski as well as work on the city's fortifications. Van Obbergen also designed the Old Town Hall in Toruń, Poland, which was completed in 1603.