(active 1119-1150)


Italian bronze-caster. According to inscriptions, he made bronze doors for churches in Troia, Capua and Benevento. The doors of Troia Cathedral were commissioned by Bishop William II of Troia. The main doors, completed in 1119, include an image of Oderisius, while the south doors, completed in 1127, are engraved with his signature: FACTOR PORTARUM FUIT ODERISIUS HARUM BENEVENTANUS. The lost doors of San Giovanni, Capua, made in 1122 and inscribed MAGISTER ODERISIUS FECIT HAS PORTAS, were recorded in a 17th-century drawing, published by Salazaro. The doors of San Bartolommeo, Benevento, made in 1150 and engraved OPUS ODERISI, were melted down in 1693.