(b. ca. 1415, Sezze, d. ca. 1470, Roma)


Paolo Romano (Paolo Taccone), Italian sculptor, son of a certain Mariano di Tuccio Taccone da Sezze. He was mentioned by Filarete as a sculptor and goldsmith, and he was active in 1451 on the Palazzo dei Conservatori on the Capitoline Hill in Rome. In 1452 he was working on the chapels which had been commissioned by Pope Nicholas V for each end of Ponte Sant'Angelo.

Most of Paolo Romano's work dates from the pontificates of Pius II and Paul II. Between 1461 and 1462 he made the statues of Sts Peter and Paul, now in the Vatican Library, which originally stood on the steps leading up to St Peter's. The last work executed by the artist was the tomb of Pius II. Paolo Romano is believed to have died in 1473.