PERROT, Antoine Marie
(b. 1787, Paris, d. 1849, Paris)


French painter. He was a pupil of Achille Michallon, and specialised in landscape painting like his teacher. Perrot exhibited his architectural and topographical paintings consistently at the Paris Salon between the years 1824 and 1849 and was admired for the faithfulness with which he rendered the ruins of Medieval structures and captured the soft orange-pink light of Tuscany.

Perrot was in Florence in 1837 and 1838. Some of his topographical views were published (undated) in Florence with an accompanying text in French and Italian as Modelli di topografia disegni ed acquerelli da A.M.P. The titles of his catalogued Salon paintings provide us today with an itinerary showing the artist traversed Italy from Rome to Florence and continued to Pisa the year after the present work was painted.