(active 1324-1338 in Rimini)


Italian painter. His only certain work is the signed Crucifix in the Chiesa dei Morti, Urbania. In design, delicate chiaroscuro modelling and treatment of anatomy, it relates closely to one attributed to Pietro Lorenzetti (Cortona, Museo Diocesano). The heaviness of the gigantic crucified body contrasts with the fragility of the overstretched arms, enhancing the pathos of the theme. The precise, fine strokes that define the features, hair and the semi-transparent loincloth show a refined painterly technique.

Pietro da Rimini was one of the painters who decorated the Romanesque Benedictine Abbey at Pomposa, near to Ferrara. He painted the frescoes in the refectory in 1320, while Vitale da Bologna executed the frescoes in the church around 1350. Emilian painting of the Trecento exerted some influence on painting in Pisa, too.