POGGINI, Domenico
(b. 1520, Firenze, d. 1590, Roma)


Italian sculptor, medallist, die-engraver, goldsmith, bronze-caster and poet, part of a family of artists. Michele Poggini (1487-1527) was a gem-engraver whose two sons Giampaolo Poggini (1518-1582) and Domenico Poggini worked together in Florence as goldsmiths and gem-carvers at the court of Cosimo I de' Medici. In 1556 the two brothers were appointed die-engravers at the Florentine Mint.

Domenico's earliest training probably came from his father Michele. Benvenuto Cellini (Vita) describes a gold cup with low reliefs made c. 1545-46 by Domenico and his brother under his direction for Cosimo I de' Medici. A letter of 1548 from Domenico to Cosimo mentions a sword hilt and the reverse of a medal he had been working on for Cosimo.

Domenico worked mostly with his brother until Giampaolo's departure between 1553 and 1555 to work for Philip II, King of Spain, in the Netherlands and Spain. In 1554 Domenico made a pair of silver candlesticks for Cosimo, and in 1556 he was appointed diecutter for the Florentine mint.