RIZZO, Antonio
(b. ca. 1430, Verona, d. ca. 1499)


Italian sculptor who made the earliest Venetian Renaissance free-standing tomb, of Orsato Giustiniani (d.1464), dismembered but known from a drawing of the whole, and fragments in New York (Metropolitan Museum), El Paso, Texas and Pavia (Cassa di Risparmio). He may have worked with Antonio Bregno on the Arco Foscari. Rizzo also made tombs for Doge Tron (S.M. dei Frari, 1476-82) and Giovanni Emo (Servi, after 1483, now also dismembered but known from a drawing). He became architect to the Doge's Palace in 1483 and at about the same time made the Adam and Eve now in the Palace. He fled Venice in 1498 after being accused of peculation, and died in Foligno.