(b. 1624, Sevilla, d. 1699, Sevilla)


Spanish sculptor, renowned as one of the finest sculptors in Seville in the second half of the 17th century. In his prolific output, mainly of polychrome wood figures and reliefs for retables, he was aided by his flourishing family workshop. While the influence of Andalusian sculptors such as Alonso de Mena (1587-1646), José de Arce (d. 1666), Juan Martínez Montañés and Alonso Cano is evident in some of the poses and facial expressions of Roldán's figures, they also embody a new Baroque feeling for movement and a dramatic pathos.

Pedro Roldán was the father of four sculptors or painters who helped in his workshop; two other children married artists who also worked for him, and his daughter Luisa Roldán (1650-1704) was an independent sculptor.