RUSUTI, Filippo
(active c. 1297-1317)


Italian painter and mosaicist. His only certain work is the mosaic on the façade of Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome, which is signed on the mandorla of Christ. It is not easy to determine the extent of his collaboration on these mosaics, since they have not only been reworked to a great extent but are also inconsistent in style.

The only documents relating to him indicate that between 1304 and 1317 he repeatedly sojourned in France, where he worked as 'King's painter' during the reigns of Philip IV and Louis IX, receiving payments in 1304-5, 1308 (for repairs in the Grande Salle of the royal palace at Poitiers), 1309, 1316 and 1317, but none of this work survives. To him are attributed some parts of the frescoes with the History of Genesis in the Upper Church at Assisi.