SCHARDT, Johann Gregor van der
(b. ca. 1530, Nijmegen, d. after 1581, Nürnberg)


Netherlandish sculptor. He travelled to Italy during the 1560s, spending some years in Rome and probably visiting Florence, studying and copying masterpieces of antiquity and the Renaissance. From Rome he travelled to the Venetian territories and visited Bologna. In 1569 he entered the service of the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian II (reg 1564-76) in Vienna. There, he modeled several polychrome terracotta busts, including a self-portrait (now in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam), that display a remarkable naturalism.

His only known signed work, a bronze statuette of Mercury (?1569; Stockholm, Nationalmuseum), strongly influenced by his Italian training, was probably produced as a presentation piece for the Emperor; it is an ideal representation of a handsome young god, with finely carved features and a softly modelled body.