(active 1450-1480 in Memmingen)


Strigel: German family of artists. Based in Memmingen, its earlier generations produced altarpieces in 15th-century Swabia and Switzerland.

Hans II was a painter. The panels of the Montfort-Werdenberg Altarpiece (1465, Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart), and a Deposition mural (1477), fragment of a series in the church at Tiefenbach, Allgäu, are documented as his. They show an artist in the tradition of Hans Multscher, using strongly foreshortened perspectives for an emphatic relaying of realities. In the 1470s he attempted to tone down the contrasts: a change of style shown in the panels of the Mickhausener Altar (Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest). His assured sense of form and his unique feeling for the portrait was taken up by Bernhard Strigel, his son or nephew.