TROST, Andreas
(b. 1657, Deggendorf, d. 1708, Graz)


German engraver, known for his copper engravings of cities and castles. He was born in the middle-sized town of Deggendorf in Lower Bavaria. However, he moved to Austria where his stay in Graz is documented from 1677. In Graz, Trost worked together with the topographer Georg Matthäus Vischer (1628-1696) as the main engraver of Vischer's topography. For this work he produced more than 150 plates. Even after Vischer's death Trost continued to work on the subsequent editions of the topography.

Around 1689, he collaborated with topographer Johann Weichard von Valvasor (1641-1693), who brought the "Topographia Archiducatus Carinthiae modernae", a description of the Archduchy of Carinthia. For this work Trost produced countless engravings, partly living at Schloss Wagensberg in Carniola, where Valvasor set up a printing works.

Trost's views of Graz, created in the years 1699-1703, are also well known.