(b. 1724, Firenze, d. 1798, Firenze)


Italian architect. Pupil of Giovanni Filippo Ciocchi (1695-c.1770), he entered the Academy of Drawing in 1749. He later moved to Rome, where he stayed twelve years to study architecture under Luigi Vanvitelli and Ferdinando Fuga.

In 1765, on the eve of the arrival of the Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo, he was recalled to Florence and was appointed architect of the royal factories.

He designed the New Theater of Pisa (1770) and the holiday casino for the Accademia dei Generosi (1771). At the Uffizi he rearranged the gallery and decorated the Sala della Niobe.

In the Boboli Gardens he built the Kaffeehaus (1774-77), perhaps the best example of Rococo style in Florence, influenced by the so-called Oriental Turcherie, then popular in the Viennese residences of the Habsburgs. He also redesigned the surrounding area of the garden, changing the tanks to the fountains and the arrangement of the plants, and created the Lemon House (1777-78).