ADAM, Robert
(b. 1728, Kirkcaldy, d. 1792, London)

Interior view

Syon House, Brentford, Middlesex

Chambers's interest during his stay in Rome focused less on the antique temples than on ancient houses and their decoration, as he thought he could make better use of these for his later architectural practice in Britain. Back in London, setting up his practice jointly with his brothers, he developed a very individual style. He drew on a whole variety of models, ranging from Antiquity via the Renaissance to the Baroque. His new architecture was to be varied and pleasing, and he aimed to generate movement in his buildings by creating contrast between architectural blocks both internally and externally, and by constantly altering decoration.

In Syon House Adam developed his individual approach to its full form. Between 1761 and 1770 he constructed a series of spectacular apartments, in which rooms succeed one another without a corridor, but with each room maximally contrasted with the next in shape, articulation and colour scheme. The starting point is the transverse rectangle of the great hall in the west wing.

The photo shows the great entrance hall.