(active 1311-1349 in Siena)

Porta Romana

Via Cassia, Siena

The Porta Romana is one of the portals in the medieval walls of Siena. It was built in 1327-28 by Agnolo di Ventura and Agostino di Giovanni, and has a crenellated roof line with machicolation (an opening through which stones or burning objects could be dropped on attackers) in front gate.

The gate is complex, with two separate portals, separated by a small inner court, with the inner gatehouse taller than the outer one. The large arches are faced with travertine marble. The courtyard is surrounded by arrow slits. It was likely that the gate doors could be opened sequentially. The outer portal has a round bas-relief with the Roman Catholic IHS Christogram inside a sun symbol (San Bernardino Christogram).

The photo shows the city gate seen from outside.