ALGARDI, Alessandro
(b. 1598, Bologna, d. 1654, Roma)

Bust of a Saint

Santi Vittore e Carlo, Genoa

The Franzone family acquired a chapel, the Cappella del Crocefisso, in the Carmelite church of San Carlo (now Santi Vittore e Carlo) in Genoa. The principal sculptural decoration of the chapel, including the marble busts of the brothers Franzone, a bronze Crucifix and bronze busts of saints, has traditionally been attributed to Algardi. The quality of these works, as well as the death of Algardi in 1654, however, have led them to be partly reattributed to Domenico Guidi, who perhaps worked from terracotta models by Algardi.

The twelve bronze busts of saints were not cast until after Algardi's death, using a variety of models. The picture shows one of the Three Marys. The Three Marys are women mentioned in the canonical gospel's narratives of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.