AMADEO, Giovanni Antonio
(b. ca. 1447, Pavia, d. 1522, Milano)

Tomb of St Lanfranco

c. 1508
San Lanfranco, Pavia

Probably in 1498 Amadeo received the commission to execute the tomb of St Lanfranco for San Lanfranco, outside Pavia. In 1508, pressed by his patron, Pietro Pallavacino da Scipione, he promised to finish it as soon as possible.

Both the (collaborative) tomb of St Lanfranco and the reliefs from the portal of the Certosa are calmer and more classical than the Cremonese reliefs. The St Lanfranco monument may be to some extent old-fashioned, but Amadeo had, nonetheless, by this date clearly been influenced by the younger generation of sculptors he had helped to train. Some of the narrative reliefs are carved in extremely high relief, a technique later carried to its practical limits by Bambaia (Agostino Busti).