ARRUDA, Francisco de
(d. 1547, Évora)

Exterior view

Torre de Belém, Lisbon

The Hieronymite monastery of Belém, together with the nearby Torre de Belém, is architecturally and ideologically the masterpiece of the reign of Manuel I (reigned 1495-1521). The Tower of Belém is a noted example of Manueline architecture.

The "Manueline" style is a particularly rich and lavish style of architectural ornamentation indigenous to Portugal in the early 16th century. Although the Manueline style actually continued for some time after the death of Manuel I, it is the prosperity of his reign that the style celebrates. The profusion of dense ornament in Manueline architecture owes some debt to the contemporary Spanish, to the Flamboyant Gothic style of northern Europe, and to a revival of Moorish style.