(active 1702, d. 1741, Paris)

Exterior view

Hôtel Biron, Paris

Of the Parisian residences built by Aubert, perhaps the most typical and pleasant, due to its clean and confident orchestration, is the one commissioned by the rich financier Abraham Peyrenc de Moras.

The service wings bordering the forecourt are independent from the free-standing block of the corps-de-logis, so that the building resembles a suburban villa (maison de plaisance). The extreme simplicity of the astylar court elevation reflects the style of de Cotte, while the curved end pavilions of the garden façade, with their striated channeling, derive from château architecture by way of the town houses of Germain Boffrand. The building was purchased in 1753 by the duke of Biron, it now houses the Musée Rodin.

View the general plan of the Hôtel Biron.