(active 1702, d. 1741, Paris)

Exterior view

Stables, Château de Chantilly

Jean Aubert was the architect to the Condé family, and his work is exemplified by the admirable stables he designed for the château in Chantilly, built from 1721 to 1735. A superb archivolt over the main doorway demonstrates the quality of Aubert's work.

The magnificent stables show the influence of Hardouin-Mansart in Aubert's extensive use of arcades, the discreet presence of the classical orders, and the rich sculptural decoration, all elements drawn from the Grandes et Petites Ecuries of the Palace of Versailles. Aubert's most distinctive stylistic trait, emphatic horizontal channeling of rusticated wall surfaces, made its first appearance on the one-storey elevation of the stable wing facing the meadow.