(b. 1483, Busto Arsizio, d. 1548, Milano)

Virtues of the Monument to Gaston de Foix: Charity

Marble, height 66 cm
Victoria and Albert Museum, London

In addition to the effigy of Gaston de Foix in the Castello Sforzesco, Milan, a large number of fragments of the monument survive. Three statuettes of Virtues in the Victoria and Albert Museum also formed part of the monument.

The picture represents Charity, one of the Virtues (Charity, Truth, Fortitude) in London. The statue representing Charity shows her wearing a classical robe and a veil over her head. She holds a child in her left arm, and her right breast is bare. The child is looking outwards at his left hand, while his right hand is holding onto the veil of the woman. It is unusual to represent Charity with only one child, because of its similarity to the Virgin and Child.