BENONI, Giuseppe
(b. 1618, Trento, d. 1684, Venezia)

Dogana da Mar: Façade

Punta della Dogana, Venice

While work proceeded on Santa Maria della Salute, the whole complex around it on the south side of the Grand Canal was rebuilt to complete a vast, theatrical Baroque development of the district of Dorsoduro. Longhena submitted a design, but the commission went to Giuseppe Benoni. The rebuilding works of the Dogana da Mar, undertaken by Giuseppe Benoni, begin in 1677.

Benoni erected the white tower shown here; at the top an allegorical statue of Fortune, carried out by Bernardo Falcone, keeps its precarious footing on a shining golden globe said to be visible to ships far out in the lagoon.

The exterior of the Dogana da Mar was refaced in 1835, making it look considerably duller.