(b. 1562, Sesto Fiorentino, d. 1629, Roma)

Virgin and Child with the Young St John

Certosa di San Martino, Naples

In 1594 Bernini returned to Florence with his new wife Angelica Galante. There he entered into an association with the sculptor Giovanni Battista Caccini, collaborating on a high relief of the Trinity for Santa Trinita before returning to Naples in 1596 to fulfil a commission for the Certosa di San Martino. His three works at the Certosa - a statue of Purity, a large relief of St Martin and the Beggar and a group of the Virgin and Child with the Young St John - show that Bernini was strongly influenced by Caccini and the late work of Giambologna and his circle.

The Virgin and Child was recarved later by Cosimo Fanzago.