BOFILL, Guillem
(d. 1427, Girona)

Interior view

begun 1417
Cathedral, Girona

The cathedral chapter of Girona had decided in 1312 to add to the Romanesque building a new choir with a naturally lit ambulatory and nine polygonal chapels. Though the chancel was largely completed by the middle of the century, only a few lateral chapels were constructed in the nave. After a long debate, in 1417 the decision was taken to build an aisleless church. The architect Guillem Bofill constructed Gothic architecture's largest vault, with a height of 34 metres and a span of 23 metres. The building was completed only in 1604.

In terms of structural engineering, the church represents the perfection of a type in which the thrust of the vault is absorbed by buttresses incorporated into the interior, which leave space for chapels in between.

The picture shows the nave (begun 1417) and the choir (mid-14th century).

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