BOSCH, Hieronymus
(b. ca. 1450, 's-Hertogenbosch, d. 1516, 's-Hertogenbosch)

Triptych of Garden of Earthly Delights (outer wings)

c. 1500
Oil on panel, 220 x 97 cm (each wing)
Museo del Prado, Madrid

The message of this panel can be understood from the moralizing content of the entire triptych. When the triptych is closed, it depicts the third day of Creation. The globe is contained in an opaque crystal sphere, symbolizing the fragility and transitoriness of the human world. When opened, the left side-panels reveal scenes from the Garden of Eden, the first human couple, the creation of Eve; in the centre is the fantastic vision of sensual pleasures, while the right panel shows the atonement of the damned in hell.