(b. 1762, Milano, d. 1833, Inverigo)

Exterior view

Villa La Rotonda, Inverigo

The villa was built for himself by the Neoclassical architect Luigi Cagnola, and after his death in 1833, completed by his pupil Francesco Peverelli (1789-1854). This idiosyncratic villa is peppered with classical allusions. Though many of its basic features follow Palladio's famous Villa Rotonda in Vicenza, the domed centre block evokes the Pantheon in Rome, and is confronted on the main façade by two prostyle podium temples. Cinquecento and even Neo-Egyptiam features underline the eclectic character of the building.

The rear facade of the building is introduced by the spectacular "Giant Loggia" with the six magnificent sculptures by Pompeo Marchesi.