CAMPAGNA, Girolamo
(b. ca. 1549, Verona, d. 1625, Venezia)

Main altar

Il Redentore, Venice

In the cases of the high altars of the Redentore and San Giorgio Maggiore, Campagna was called upon to design a new kind of altar, unprecedented in Venice, to meet the requirements of Counter-Reformation architecture. Beyond that, both churches were projects by Palladio, with whose ideas Campagna had an evident sympathy. Palladio intended each church to have a free-standing altar, to be seen in the round. The altar of the Redentore was the earlier of the two, probably conceived in 1589 and finished the following year.

At the Redentore, Campagna created a variation on the medieval meditation on the Crucifixion, with St Mark and St Francis flanking the cross.