CARCANI, Filippo
(active 1657-1686 in Rome)


c. 1685
Cappella Lancelotti, San Giovanni in Laterano, Rome

Imbued with Bernini's late style, Carcani was attracted by Antonio Raggi, and it was Carcani, above all, who carried on Raggi's highly strung manner - but with this difference: in Raggi's as well as in Bernini's late style the structure of the body remained important, Carcani, however, was no longer interested in classical structure. In his stuccoes, bodies are immensely elongated and fragile, as if they were without bones. Some of Carcani's work, particularly the stuccoes in the Cappella Lancelotti in San Giovanni in Laterano can only be described as a strange proto-Rococo. Carcani's proto-Rococo had no immediate following in Rome.