(b. ca. 1250, Roma, d. 1330, Roma)


c. 1308
San Domenico Maggiore, Naples

The Roman school of the second half of the thirteenth century was also crucial to the development of Giotto's work and Italian painting in general. Critical recognition of this has come late but is growing steadily. Pietro Cavallini is the outstanding artist of his school, especially with regard to his innovative use of colour and light. In Rome he painted frescoes (the most important of which is the Last Judgment in S. Cecilia in Trastevere) and designed mosaics (Life of the Virgin in S. Maria in Trastevere, dating from 1291). The painter also worked for some time at the court in Naples where we still have his frescoes in the cathedral as well as in S. Maria Donna Regina and S. Domenico. Opinion still differs on whether he worked on the Franciscan basilica in Assisi and the Sancta Sanctorum in Rome (the Chapel of St Lawrence in the Lateran Palace).