D'ARONCO, Raimondo
(b. 1857, Gemona, Udine, d. 1932, San Remo)

Palazzo del Comune

Via Nicolò Lionello, 1, Udine

The Palazzo del Comune (Palazzo d'Aronco) of Udine, in Istrian stone, represents one of the best known works of the Friulian architect Raimondo D'Aronco. In 1887, he was commissioned to elaborate a proposal for the design of the new Town Hall, whose construction, after long troubles, was started in 1911. The most important feature of this building is the imposing staircase of honour which occupies the entire height of the building. The style of the building has been defined as a "modern renaissance" with strong influences of Liberty and Viennese Secession styles, traceable in both the design and the furnishings.