DANTI, Vincenzo
(b. 1530, Perugia, d. 1576, Perugia)

Venus Anadyomene

Palazzo Vecchio, Florence

During his final years in Florence, Danti returned to bronze sculpture on a monumental scale, completing the Beheading of St John the Baptist group over the south portal of the Baptistery in 1571. This is one of the masterpieces of what can properly be called Mannerist sculpture and combines Danti's virtuosity and inventive mastery of modelling in wax with the restrained statement of volume of his works in marble. In the same late period, and in a similar vein, he also cast the small bronze statue Venus Anadyomene for the studiolo of Francesco I in the Palazzo Vecchio.

Venus Anadyomene (from Greek, "Venus Rising From the Sea") is one of the iconic representations of the goddess Venus (Aphrodite).