DECKER, Coenraet
(b. 1651, Amsterdam, d. 1685, Amsterdam)

Exterior of the Oude Kerk in Delft

Engraving, 330 x 267 mm
Private collection

The Oude Kerk (Old Church) was not an "old church" when this engraving was made. The first stone church on the site went back to the early 1200s, but the Oude Kerk as it has been known in later centuries was built in campaigns of about 1390-1410 (the choir and the side chapels), about 1425-40 (the expansion of the nave), and about 1510-22 (the Mariakoor, or Mary's Choir, and the transept).

The engraving was published in 1667 in Beschryvinge der stadt Delft by Dirck van Bleyswijck.