(b. 1505, d. 1576, Angers)

Exterior view

Hôtel Pincé, Angers

In France in the beginning of the sixteenth century, the rich bourgeois played an important part in the evolution of the château, and naturally their share is even greater in town houses. The great model of the private houses was the house of Jacques Coeur at Bourges, built in the Late Gothic style between 1443 and 1451. The Hôtel Pincé at Angers is fully in the style of François I. It is built on an L-shaped plan, of which the left-hand wing and the staircase tower date from 1523-33. Here are still the mullioned windows, the turrets, and the high-pitched roofs of a medieval building, but dormers and windows are all ornamented with rich decoration in the style of the Loire chateaux.