DIJCK, Floris Claesz van
(b. 1575, Haarlem, d. 1651, Haarlem)


Oil on oak panel, 74 x 114 cm
Private collection

This is an "ontbijtje" still-life of three cheeses on a silver plate, apples and nuts in a Wan-Li porcelain bowl, mulberries and olives in Wan-Li porcelain dishes, a half apple and apple peel on a silver plate, spun-sugar sweets and other sweets on a Wan-Li porcelain plate, butter shavings on another, grapes piled on a plate, a roemer with white wine and another resting on an elaborate gilt mount, a façon-de-Venise wineglass, and an earthenware kanne, with various breads and a knife, all resting on a table draped with a white damask cloth over a red cloth.