(b. 1581, Bologna, d. 1641, Napoli)

Apse calotte and antechoir vault

Sant'Andrea della Valle, Rome

The picture shows scenes from the life of St Andrew painted by Domenichino on the apse calotte and on the vault of the antechoir. The scenes are: the Flagellation of St Andrew; Third Call of the Apostles Andrew and Peter; St Andrew Being Led to His Martyrdom (in the apse calotte); The Ascension of St Andrew (in the crown of the vault); First Calling of Andrew and Peter (in the antechoir vault). These scenes are presented as related in the Golden Legend.

The most spectacular figure of the composition of the centre scene is the muscular young sailor who, in a pose of daring torsion, steers the boat toward shore with his elongated rudder. It is remarkable that Domenichino managed by means of perspective to make this distinctly curving panel appear to be a flat surface.