EYSERBECK, Johann August
(b. 1762, Vogelheerd, Luisium, d. 1801, Berlin-Charlottenburg)

View of the garden

Neue Garten, Potsdam

The Neue Garten north of the city of Potsdam is a wonderful example of the garden art of poetry and sentiment. It was created in two phases.

In the first, in 1790, Frederick William II commissioned Johann August Eyserbeck, who was well-known as a member of the art circle in Dessau-Wörlitz, to take charge of the work. He adorned the banks of the Hailer Lake with a large number of buildings, and, following on English example, concentrated on the distant prospect. One of the most charming of these unfolds before the kitchen building, which is a ruined temple half sunk in the earth.

The second phase of the work was done 20 years later, directed by the architect Peter Joseph Lenné (1789-1866).

The photo shows the kitchen built in the style of the Temple of Mars in Rome (1788-90) and the Marble Palace in the background, built by Carl von Gontard (1731-1791) and extended in 1797 by the architect who designed the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Carl Gotthard Langhans. An underground passage connects the kitchen with the palace.