FAGAN, Robert
(b. 1761, London, d. 1816, Roma)

Portrait of Lady Emma Hamilton as Neapolitan Peasant

Oil on canvas, 45 x 36 cm
Private collection

This three-quarter-length portrait of Lady Emma Hamilton depicts the sitter in her 'attitude' as Neapolitan Peasant. The painter gives the place as well as the date of the execution of the picture: it is signed Roma 1793. Fagan was based in Rome from 1793 to 1797, however, up to sometime in 1793 Fagan had resided in Naples where no doubt he sketched Lady Hamilton performing one of her attitudes, completing the work later in the year and signing it from Rome.

Fagan had portrayed Lady Hamilton as a bacchante in an earlier work now in a private collection. Here he shows her in a calmer pose. Emma, with a knowing smile on here face, takes on a more humble, if equally seductive part. She is shown here in the brightly coloured costumes of the south of Italy.