(b. 1605, Reggio Emilia, d. 1654, Padova)

The Flight of Antenor from Troy

Villa Selvatico Emo Capodilista, Battaglia Terme

The expressive idiom, which unites a chilly classicism and a Baroque enthusiasm, is particularly apparent in The Flight of Antenor from Troy, the first scene of the fresco cycle in the transept hall of the villa. The city of Troy, consumed in flames, is depicted in soft focus, against which the profile of the famous wooden horse emerges. This backdrop is contrasted in the foreground by a procession of figures striking detached, almost rigid poses devoid of dramatic tension. Amid the crowd one can make out the figure of Antenor, a vigorous old man. A dog crouching at his feet, symbol of fidelity, its watchful gaze looking beyond the frame. On the left side, porters are waiting to load baggage aboard the departing boats.