FERRUCCI, Francesco di Simone
(b. 1437, Fiesole d. 1493, Firenze)

Virgin and Child

Terracotta, 82 x 63 cm
Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Relief shows the Virgin seated in three-quarter length turned to the left. Her legs are cut off below the knees, and the arm of her seat is visible in the lower right corner of the relief. The Child stands on her right knee, with his right hand raised in benediction. The Virgin supports his right leg with her right hand and places her left hand under his left foot.

The composition of this relief is unique but it is related to a marble Virgin and Child relief in the Museo Nazionale del Bargello, Florence from the Verrocchio workshop and to a lost original by Verrocchio, which is known from a number of examples in stucco and terracotta.