(b. 1548, Cambrai, d. 1615, Paris)


Ponte Santa Trinita, Florence

The Ponte Santa Trinita was ornamented with statues of the Four Seasons on the occasion of the marriage of Cosimo II de' Medici to Maria Maddalena of Austria in 1608. Giovanni Battista Caccini's earlier garden sculptures Summer and Autumn were purchased by Ferdinando I for this purpose. Spring by Pietro Francavilla and Winter by Taddeo Landini complemented the series.

In August 1944 the Ponte Santa Trinita was one of the three ancient bridges that were blown up by the retreating German forces. It was rebuilt between 1952 and 1958, using the same stones wherever possible.

The four statues were also fished out of the river, reassembled and replaced on the bridge. Unfortunately, the head of the statue of Spring, which stands on the north-eastern side of the bridge, could not be found. A local antiquarian offered a reward for its discovery and in 1961 it was finally retrieved and returned to its owner.

The photo shows Pietro Francavilla's Spring and Caccini's Summer (at the background) at the entrance of Ponte Santa Trinita.