(b. 1581, Antwerpen, d. 1642, Antwerpen)

Worship of the Golden Calf

Oil on panel, 60 x 88 cm
Rockox House, Antwerp

In the same period when the most talented artists in the country had gathered around Rubens in Antwerp, there were also other artists working in Antwerp who still clung to the taste of Rubens' predecessors. One of these was Frans II Francken, who painted Rockox's 'constcamer'. He was a very popular artist in his time, and although he lacked any outstanding imaginative power or great technical skill, his fame rests on his ability to convert monumental subjects from large-scale art works to proportions more suitable for private houses. The Worship of the Golden Calf is a typical example of the many religious and mythological scenes he painted.