FROMENT, Nicolas
(b. ca. 1435, Uzes, d. ca. 1486, Avignon)

The Burning Bush (detail)

Cathedrale Saint Sauveur, Aix-en-Provence

The picture is mainly Gothic in concept and in its copious use of symbol as well as the choice of vision as the principal theme. The second half of the fifteenth century was already a period of transition, in which the new style began to make itself increasingly felt particularly in the works of any painter influenced by a visit to Italy. A closer look at the background behind the Burning Bush reveals a typically Tuscan landscape. The buildings, the trees, the meandering roads, together with the use of the perspective are all similar to those of contemporary Florentine painters; it is nonetheless much more probable that the decisive impact was not due to the study of Tuscan works of art but to actual walks taken among the Tuscan hills.