GAMBELLO, Antonio di Marco
(active 1458, d. 1481, Venezia)

San Zaccaria: Façade

Campo San Zaccaria, Venice

The work on the Benedictine convent of San Zaccaria was began in 1458 by Antonio di Marco Gambello but it stalled for decades. In 1483 Mauro Codussi was given responsibility for the prestigious project of completing the new church of the convent.

The façade of San Zaccaria vividly documents the stylistic changes sweeping Venetian architecture in this period. The lower story up to the height of the main doorway was designed by Gambello, who in late Gothic fashion broke the area down into numerous quadrants of red-orange Verona marble framed by twisting colonettes and boldly projecting moldings. Codussi rejected Gambello's overall colorism, simplifying and rationalising the design. His composition is fashioned almost entirely out of white Istrian stone.