GAMEREN, Tylman van
(b. 1632, Utrecht, d. 1706, Warsaw)

Exterior view

Palais Krasinski, Warsaw

The Krasinski Palace was built in 1677-83 for the Voivode of P³ock, Jan Dobrogost Krasiñski, according to design by Tylman van Gameren. It was decorated with pediment reliefs showing the triumph of the legendary "ancestor" of the Œlepowron and Korwin Polish clans, the Roman commander Manius Valerius Maximus Corvinus Messalla (263 BC) and sculptural work, all by Andreas Schlüter.

The palace was begun by Giuseppe Bellotti (active 1681-1708 in Poland) and completed by Tylman van Gameren.

The picture shows the view from the garden.