GÄRTNER, Friedrich von
(b. 1791, Koblenz, d. 1847, München)

General view

Ludwigstrasse, Munich

For civil building functions in the educational and cultural sphere, such as universities and public libraries, central sites were sought in towns in order to provide a suitable framework to stress the importance and status of these institutions. In Munich in 1832-43, for example, the Bavarian State Library, State Archives, University and other public buildings were constructed to an overall scheme in the Ludwigstrasse to designs by Friedrich van Gärtner. This absolutist program of large-scale urban development designed by Gärtner is rounded off by the Ludwigskirche church, the Feldherrnhalle at the south end (based on the Loggia dei Lenzi in Florence) and the triumphal arch at the north end of the boulevard (based on the Arch of Constantine in Rome).